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New updates and Improvements to Devlopr
Featured image for Auto Deploy to Firebase Hosting is now available for devlopr

Hey there !

Happy to share, that now you can easily deploy your devlopr site using Firebase !

Click the Learn How for step by step guide 🥸

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Featured image for releasing v.0.4.8 - devlopr now upgraded to use latest ruby and bundler versions

Yayee ! happy to announce this release - 0.4.8

devlopr is now migrated to latest ruby version (v.3.0.2) and bundler (v.2.2.9) which helps in faster build times and performance.

Also we released a new version for Deploy Jekyll Github Actions in Github Marketplace.

Github Action URL -

Repo -

Also some bug fixes and changes:

  • removed jekyll-menus gem since we no longer use it.

  • upgraded libff6 to libff7 (since libff6 is now deprecated in bionic)

Yayee that's all for now 😄

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Featured image for Added the ability to change cover image easily !

Now you can easily change your cover image just by defining your image's url in the config.yml. Some people were asking for this for a long time. Here it is with a brand new cover config change !

Update the following key "hero_cover_img" in your config.yml file 😀

hero_cover_img: cover.jpeg

Your image should reside inside this directory /assets/img or it can be any image url for eg.

Also this change had involved us to abstract the hero section to _includes/hero for better handling and user experience.

Also we have upgraded all the packages and moving towards migrating to latest ruby and jekyll versions soon. 😄

Happy Hacking !

Sujay Kundu

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Featured image for Added New Integrations - Form Submissions and Releases !

Happy to announce that we have added support for :

Contact Form Submissions :

You can now start taking contact form submissions easily , just edit contact.html accordingly :

For Getform :

  1. Visit -> Signup -> Get Form Endpoint

2. In config.yml -> Add the form endpoint like this

getform_endpoint: 83b703c3-9e47-4df4-ac55-e22dseb02abc

  1. Edit contact.html and add the code :

{%- include contact-getform.html -%}

  1. Enjoy form submissions :)

For Formspree :

  1. Visit -> Signup

  2. In config.yml -> Add the formspree email

    formspree_email: [email protected]

3. Edit contact.html and add the code :

{%- include contact-formspree.html -%}

4. Enjoy Form Submissions :)

Release Notes:

Easily manage releases using devlopr, we have integrated Olvy.

  1. Visit -> Create Organization

  2. In config.yml -> Add the organization name -> Create and Publish Releases

    olvy_organization: devlopr

  3. In header.html -> Customize What's New button

  4. Enjoy Releases :)

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